Paying for cosplay resources

Cosplaying is something we obviously want to do for the cheapest possible price. But sometimes in order to get the most accurate portrayal possible, for the least amount of effort, it’s worth looking towards people who have done it already.

And… well… professionally.

There are some seriously skilled, talented people in the world who have some really excellent resources. The likes of Kamui Cosplay as an example, has a wealth of designs, patterns and resources available for a fee on the website. The same with Kinpatsu Cosplay – who, by the way, has a specific pack for Sylvanas which looks awesome.

I purchased a pattern for the Sombra Uzi weapon from Overwatch, and was so glad I did. I was able to support someone whose time and effort obviously went into the product, and I found the resource itself so useful that I’m looking forwards to making another one in the future using the same pattern.

I figured that I should be able, in this day and age, to fully find everything I need in the public eye for free. Because why wouldn’t someone want to share everything with me?

These resources are probably why there aren’t a lot of public sources and exact step-by-step tutorials for intricate cosplays. Everyone who spends time on something like that really wants to have their work celebrated, and having hundreds of other people being able to easily replicate it for free would be a detriment to their livelihood. Totally understandable.

So here’s the breakdown:


  • Supporting cosplayers through purchasing.
  • Usually not super expensive depending on your source.
  • Makes life super easy compared to figuring out patterns on your own


  • Costs you some cash; if you’re on a budget, it’s a luxury that maybe you can’t afford.
  • It’s someone else’s work, and isn’t your own representation.

We all have to start somewhere. And I figure that if we can start by finding resources that can help us in what we want to achieve, as well as support the community we’re a part of as cosplayers, then that should be worth it… right?

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