Zarya -Barbarian Skin References

And here’s a selection of the screen shots I’ve taken from the game to try and get together as many references as I can for the build. Overwatch is excellent for this, purely because you can examine the avatar for the different heroes in all their skins while emoting, using different victory poses and also during highlights.

It’s super easy to log in and get a good look at anywhere you like on the model in 3D rather than constantly relying on regular images.

Anyway, here’s a gallery of all the shots I’ve managed to grab.

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  1. tarnaeffchen says:

    Heya, I thank you so much for posting this reference pictures – all screenshots I do look not how I need them… and these here helping soooo much! I’m working on this skin for GamesCom this Year, but don’t think I’ll finish it T-T


  2. @ tarnaeffchen Awe thank you! I change projects frequently enough that I’m awful at posting up progression, but I’m glad the references are helpful for you.

    Chin up, budget your time, you can finish it :3


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