So I’m hopeless at sticking to one project…

So. I suck at keeping my mind on one project. All the time. I flit between things, half finished until eventually I end up with lots of half finished things.

On that note, I can’t help but move on to my next project – Brigitte Lindholm’s Shieldmaiden skin.

I was experiencing some doubt about construction Zarya’s canon, and decided to put the project off until I was able to fabricate it properly. And then Overwatch released Shield Maiden, and I couldn’t help it! I immediately got inspired and drew a bunch of plans. I had a load of material just sitting here ready to use and started up. So here’s my step-by-step blog on how I’m managing to piece this together.

Good luck out there to anyone else with the same issue…. sticking to your plans vs. following your inspiration is a difficult balance.

Shame on me for abandoning ship.


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