The Rush For Con – Brigitte Lindholm Shieldmaiden Final Product

So, I ended up really rushing through this to make it to my con deadline. In the process, I didn’t document a lot of what I was doing. From here, I’ll elaborate a lot on how I did everything I did, and the improvements I’m going to make once I have time past the busy con weekend!

I attended Q-Con in Belfast on the weekend of Fri 22nd June – Sun 24th June 2018, and that gave me less than a month to fabricate the entire skin. For only a few weeks of work, I think it turned out pretty well! Again, this isn’t my 100% finished product, and honestly this was an excellent test version to work out all the movement and attachment snags that attending a convention generally brings.

So here’s some shots of the finished thing at various stages of the day I cosplayed.

Brigitte Shieldmaiden Cosplay - Oriocta
Midway through the con day, everything holding up okay.
Brigitte Shieldmaiden Cosplay
Photo credit goes to the lovely Michael McLoone from Q-Con XXV’s photography crew! This was closer to the beginning of the day, after only a few hours in cosplay.
Brigitte Shieldmaiden Cosplay - Oriocta
End of the con day, super worn and torn; missing pieces here and there.. more to fix in future.

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